About Us

Owner Laurel pictured in show clothing next to her buckskin horse, Elias, on a dark background

At the age of seven, my parents took me on a one hour trail ride at a dude ranch. It was my first time ever sitting on a horse and over 20 years later, I am still waiting to grow out of my horse girl phase. 

I grew up taking as many lessons as I could in hunters, equitation, and dressage on any horse I had a chance to be near. I finally got my first horse of my own while in graduate school, a spirited and brilliant three-year old buckskin named Elias. With Elias came the discovery of matchy matchy tack sets and during the pandemic my collection of saddle pads, fly bonnets, and polo wraps grew enormously. What better hobby is there than dressing up your horse when you aren't going broke on horse shows?

After trying all the best brands on the market I found that no single saddle pad could check all the boxes of what I and other equestrians wanted and needed consistently. I spent a year as a working student in an FEI dressage barn and learned what riders are looking for at the very highest reaches of the sport. I am currently working toward my bronze medal with my Canadian Warmblood mare, Ebony, and am always looking for what equestrians and their equine teammates want and need.

Buckskin horse galloping toward the camera in a green meadow

I decided to create a brand that is as performance focused as is is beautiful and could go from schooling straight into the competition arena- and even win the high point award. Living in Portland, OR, I am treated to the views of Mt. Hood from throughout the city and using its outline to inspire my logo, High Point Equestrian Equipment was created. After a year of planning and setting the groundwork, I am so excited to share the first products with you. 

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Laurel, founder of High Point Equestrian Equipment