Why High Point?

Why High Point?

High Point is about not just striving for the high point award, but trying to be just a little better than we were last week (or last month, or last year). We strive to advance our riding and know that sometimes just getting time to go to the barn is a huge victory.

High Point is for every amateur and professional dressage, eventer, and jumper who is looking for top quality equipment without a luxury brand price tag. If you’re anything like us, you’ll spend $150 on a chiropractor appointment for your horse but refuse to spend $40 on an annual doctor checkup for yourself. There is little middle ground in the US between affordable mass-produced basic equipment and importing luxury European brands and I intend to fill that gap.

The focus of the brand will be a new generation of dressage and jump saddle pads designed from the ground up with quality being the top focus! This isn’t the easy way, but it means an exceptional new product at the end of this road. I have spent the last year researching every dressage saddle pad on the market, testing different brands, and gathering feedback from riders to design the perfect saddle pad. 

A few of the best features that are included are

  • Mesh spine for breathability
  • Front cushion to prevent saddle slipping
  • High wither clearance
  • Easy-to-match colors
  • Velcro girth loop
  • No decorations under the girth area
  • Durable fabrics

Production is underway, and I can't wait to share my first two dressage saddle pads to kick off the Centerline Collection this Spring.

In the mean time, I am launching my Lifestyle Collection in January, including a line of items customizable with artwork of your horse! Sign up for our mailing list below for a welcome discount and don't worry about saving it for a saddle pad- We'll email you a second discount code when saddle pads are released!

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