High Point Might Not Be For You

High Point Might Not Be For You

I don’t have a marketing or a fashion degree and I’ve certainly never started my own business before. But I have been a horse person for twenty years, owned horses for five years, and spent over a year designing a brand unique from the rest of the market.

There’s plenty of saddle pad brands to choose from but they only sell two things: a luxury Wellington lifestyle complete with the half million dollar jumper and a barn on a perfectly palm tree-lined driveway or racing to the bottom dollar by cutting quality while trying to imitate the looks of the high-fashion luxury brands. If these are what you're looking for- go for it! But you won't find it here. 

We are riders who want quality products that fit our horses well, are durable, and if we’re lucky, still beautiful! We are the riders who work full time jobs and beg our trainers to give us 6 PM lessons, riders who are in school to get a horse-affording job and spend their weekends mucking stalls to pay for board, and riders who barter with the barn-rat teenagers to watch our young kids so we can have a lesson. High Point is for the riders (and the horses) that don’t look like the models in advertisements and frankly, we don’t need to. 

I’ve worked and ridden at barns ranging from a forty acre pasture and a dirt arena up to FEI barns with brass stall grates where the average horse has shown at least Prix St. George and was probably born in Europe. I created High Point to share the spirit that winning the high point award isn’t the most important thing and that horse shows don’t have to be the driver behind our devotion to these giant beautiful animals. Any time we spend with horses is the high point of our day because we are hopelessly addicted to the smell of fly spray and no sound is more soothing than a horse munching away at a patch of spring grass. We take that feeling with us everywhere and it gets us through the rest of the day-and that is why I started High Point!


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