Galloping Into The Home Stretch

Galloping Into The Home Stretch

If you're reading this, it's official launch day! 

I've been on pins and needles for the past two months waiting on my saddle pads to get delivered. Learning how to establish a business and ship fifteen crates of dressage pads was no easy tasks and involved a lot of sweat, tears, and reminders to myself of why I started this process.

I was so relieved when I heard my delivery made it to a warehouse an hour from home. And then I heard...nothing. The delivery was a week behind which wasn't terribly unexpected, but the radio silence on getting them to my house was. Fortunately, I have a truck and horse trailer at my disposal. No one contacted me to arrange the final delivery and maybe I shouldn't be surprised- my house is not a commercial warehouse!

After many frantic emails and phone calls, I finally arranged a pickup. I work full time in addition to launching High Point, so my boyfriend was generous enough to drive an hour out each way to rescue the shipment. I suggested bringing the trailer, but he insisted they would fit in the truck. They did, just barely. He trucked them home, and I now have a whole wall of my garage dedicated to the Centerline Collection. 

Finally, we're ready to sparkle down centerline this show season!

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